Authority & Purpose

Authority for the Office

The Florida State University President and the Board of Trustees initially approved a charter for the Office of Audit Services (OAS) in September 2003.  Subsequently, in November 2012, the President approved changing the name of the OAS to the Office of Inspector General Services (OIGS).


Internal auditing at Florida State University is an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve University operations.  It helps the University accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes. 


The Office also performs investigations of alleged fraud, waste, abuse, or other allegations of wrongdoing, which could result in the loss or misuse of University resources.  Such allegations may come to the attention of the Office during the audit process or through reporting by University faculty, staff, students, or the general public.  Contacting us can be done in person,(407 Westcott Building), by phone {(850) 644-6031}, email:, or through our "hotline" known as Ethics Point {(855) 231-7511}.




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