What is a quality assurance review and why is it important to the OIGS and the University?

The Office of Inspector General Services, a professional audit organization, is required to establish a quality assurance and improvement program that complies with the Definition of Internal Auditing, the Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing, and the Code of Ethics issued by The Institute of Internal Auditors.  To demonstrate and to report that our work complies with this profession practice framework, we are required to establish an ongoing internal quality assessment program and to obtain, at least once every five years, and external assessment of our work by an independent assessment team.  The desired result of the external assessment is an assurance that overall our work continues to comply with audit standards.  In addition, the external assessment team may provide comments as to how we can further improve going forward. 

Our most recent external assessment reports are available for review as follows:

Validator Report-FSU.pdf

Self-Assessment Report-FSU.pdf