Business Practices Enhancement Program (BPEP)

  • BPEP is intended to provide academic administrators with an independent assessment of business operations, including:
  • Control Environment;
  • Budgeting, Accounting and Financial Reporting;
  • Collections, Deposits, and Cash Funds;
  • Property Accounting Services;
  • Human Resources Management;
  • Payroll;
  • Purchasing and Disbursement;
  • Travel;
  • Research Management and Support;
  • Information Technology;
  • Auxiliaries;
  • Sexual Harassment; and
  • Fraud and Abuse Awareness.


  • Solution focused.
  • Results reported┬áto the department head in a formal report.
  • Refines operations to reduce the chance of errors and fraud.

Call for more information:
FSU Office of Inspector General Services
Sam M. McCall

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