Electronic Materials

Am I A violator?

If you are someone who shares electronic files, documents, programs, games, etc., the question is whether or not you have permission to distribute or reproduce copyrighted works. Are you authorized by the owner of the copyright to reproduce or distribute the materials? If so, you are exercising "fair use" when you share these files with others. If not, you are a direct infringer and can be subject to penalties if you are identified.

If files you are sharing are home movies of your vacation and friends, you own the copyright to these films and are permitted to reproduce, distribute and play them. However, if you have acquired, and are distributing, unlicensed copies materials such as movies, video games, or the latest Microsoft Office installation CD, you are in direct violation of FSU policies and other copyright laws. In this case, you have violated one or more of the copyright owner's exclusive rights.

What Will Happen If I Violate the Policy?

For engaging in conduct that violates University copyright policy, you may have your FSU computer account privileges revoked, face University judicial or disciplinary action and/or prosecution. Unauthorized conduct may also violate the laws of other countries, international law, and/or treaty obligations.

What Should I Do If I know That I Am Violating FSU Policies?

STOP IMMEDIATELY! You should remove any and all file-sharing programs AND unauthorized materials from your computer. If you have any difficulties with this, you can call the FSU Help Desk at 644-8502.

Where Do I Go To Report Suspected Violations?

Suspected violations should be reported to: dmca@fsu.edu

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