Policy Memo

Copyright Compliance for Electronic and Print Media

February 29, 2000

Dear Faculty and Staff,

As an academic community, an issue of importance to us is one concerning copyrighted material. Our role must be to follow the highest ethical standards as we look to protect copyrighted material in electronic format or print. Anything less will not be tolerated at Florida State University.

As such we need to be aware of the protections provided by the copyright law of 1976 and closely follow the guidelines that are provided to us with regard to the "fair use" doctrine.

In this brochure much of what you need is highlighted and offered as a resource. Please make yourselves aware of what constitutes an infringement; should any part of this document not be clear, please contact the Office of Audit Services where more resources are available to you.

As we continue to work in many ways to foster a caring and courteous community, I am confident that in this one area we can do much to not only follow the law but also support each other as we fulfill the mission of the university.


Talbot D'Alemberte


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