The Office of Inspector General Services is a proud supporter of International Fraud Awareness Week.


What is fraud?


FSU Policy 4-OP-C-13, Policy Against Fraudulent, Unethical And Other Dishonest Acts provides that fraud “generally involves a willful or deliberate act or omission with the intent of obtaining an unauthorized benefit, services, property or something of value by deception, misrepresentation or other unethical or unlawful means.”


Fraud Prevention is Everyone's Responsibility

If you become aware of or suspect fraud, you should report it immediately to your supervisor, the Office of Inspector General Services, or if criminal, the University Police Department.

The Office of Inspector General Services can be reached at (850) 644-6031 or via the Complaint Intake Form.

The FSUPD can be reached at (850) 644-1234.

The Office of Inspector General Services provides training entitled Internal Controls and Reducing the Risk of Fraud Check class availability and registration.

File a report through EthicsPoint