Investigations by their very nature are reactive rather than proactive. Because the seriousness of allegations and the complexity of each investigation can vary dramatically, we continually strive to be thorough, objective, and responsive to the issues identified for investigation. We classify our investigations as follows:

Administrative (Noncriminal)

Generally involve alleged violations of State law or University rules or regulations.

Criminal (Financial Related)

Work cooperatively with the University Police or other law enforcement agency.


The Florida State University has established an EThicsPoint Hotline to provide members of the FSU community an anonymous way to confidentially report activities that involve certain suspected misconduct or violations of our policies and procedures, regulations, or state and federal laws.

To report a potential issue using the hotline, please click the EThicsPoint link below or call toll-free 855-231-7511 (24 hours a day, 365 days a year).

IGSEthicsImage3     In addition, anyone can call us at (850) 644-6031 or e-mail us at with complaints of fraud, waste, abuse, or misuse of University resources. Callers need not leave their name.

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