The Office of Inspector General Services (OIGS) is responsible for receipt, review and investigation of allegations related to fraud, abuse and dishonest acts that may violate FSU Policy 4-OP-C-13 - Policy against Fraudulent, Unethical, and other Dishonest Acts or other applicable policies.   

Complaints can be made to our office in person, by telephone, via email, letter, EthicsPoint, or a direct report to our office through the Complaint Intake Form on our homepage.

All complaints received will be reviewed and evaluated to determine the appropriate disposition of the complaint information. Not all complaints will warrant an investigation and not all cases are best handled by the OIGS. Some cases may be referred to the most appropriate entity/office on campus to review and handle the issues/allegations as they deem appropriate. In cases with a criminal predicate, referrals will be made to the FSUPD or other appropriate law enforcement entities.

The purpose of the Whistle-blower’s Act (Section 112.3187-112.31895, F.S.) is to protect employees from retaliation by management for reporting allegations that meet the defined statutory criteria. If a complaint meets the criteria, the complainant’s identity will be protected. The OIGS is the office that is tasked with evaluating complaints for Whistle-blower determinations for the University.

The Commission for Law Enforcement Accreditation (CFA) has established criteria for Offices of Inspectors General which uphold the highest standards of professionalism. The Office of Inspector General Services’ investigations function complied with all applicable criteria and received initial accreditation through the CFA in June 2017 and reaccredited status in October 2020.

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